Changing the way change happens, through culture, systems and people.

Foundation Stones

Daring difference, change is inevitable so embrace it
Trusting relationships is the foundation of successful change
Challenging change through critical thinking
Creating win-wins or no deal


Love - love what you do, leave a legacy
Trust - trust in self to grow trust with others
Respect - its ok to agree to disagree
Fun - be prepared to play or go home

The Change Play™ Model shows you how to determine how the change is done, combining culture, systems, people.

Yet none of the above will create sustainable, long-term change without understanding the influence of mindset, biases, assumptions and perceptions. These are the heart of the Change Play™ Model because they underpin or undermine the success of any change, from small initiatives to large transformational change.

But there is more! The Change Play™ Model demands attunement of culture, systems and people from its heart to everything the change project influences. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking alignment is the same – it’s not.

Attunement requires so much more. It demands using multidimensional intelligences in thinking, feeling, planning, doing and conversing to continuously challenge the odds against change projects being sustainable for long-term results.

Remember: 70% of change initiatives fail. The Change Play™ Model changes the odds so you are in the 30% of change initiatives that are successful.

It changes the odds because it creates sustainable, ecological, replicable and scalable change while building change-ready, change-resilient people, teams and businesses.

Diane Gray

As the founder and Executive Director of Change Play Pty Ltd and creator of the Change Play™ Model, it is a pleasure to welcome you to a new, unique level of consistency in leading and managing change by attuning the culture, systems and people of your business.

With such a vast range of business coaches and mentors out in the field today, it can be tough to be sure you’re working with someone who truly knows what works and what doesn’t.

This is why I am honoured and proud to have worked with an amazing and diverse range of businesses in highly people-driven industries over the past 25 years, including service industries, not-for-profit community service industries, government agencies, high performance athletes and market leaders in business.

Having utilised the majority of these years to successfully develop and sustain management roles, I have specialised in positions where I consistently deliver favourable results leading to increased net profits, which are evidence of sustainable change, increased productivity and efficiency, using the Change Play™ Model.

I created the Change Play™ Model to challenge the statistic that 70% of change initiatives fail. The Change Play™ Model is designed as a multidimensional approach to leading and managing any change initiative project from small to large, organisation-wide transformational change.

Very importantly, I understand that behind the success of the most critical aspects of your change projects is a strategy, a formula, a system and a plan for that exact success. I understand the difference small changes (intentional or not) make to individuals’ and teams’ productivity in your business – and let’s not forget the impact on customer service. I also understand the damage unsuccessful transformational change can do to a business’s reputation, brand and the bottom line!

Applying the Change Play™ Model to your business is so much more than just what can be measured or seen. It works because of the unique way it attunes the workplace culture, the business systems and your employees who are ‘in the thick’ of the change. The bonus is that this model maximises their potential by increasing their change appetite and honing their skills to easily adapt to an ever-changing work environment.

My greatest passion is to see people just like you and your team reach the full potential of small or transformational change – a factor I know is the common goal for many, if not all, successful businesses in the modern world. But the difference is, the change you want can be in the 30% of change initiatives that are successful.

The systems that support your people during a change period are the most important systems your business can implement – so it’s safe to say that if you value your people, I have the expertise and direct experience of what it takes to hire, support, harness and grow them in a way that has a direct impact on the success of change and profit of your business.

On top of this, I also understand the importance of credentials to support the experience I bring to increase the growth of your business.

So, in my mid-30s, I decided to formalise my education, experience and expertise by gaining my Masters of Human Resource Management and Masters of Marketing Management, then additional skills in Change Management, systems auditing and quality assurance.

As a self-proclaimed learning addict, I then embarked on further education in coaching and psychology, resulting in a significant knowledge base with which to approach sustainable change success in business.

I strongly believe in my vision for business success: workplaces where people thrive, not just survive, during change; where people are an investment, not an expense, and where leaders inspire others to become Change Players™ – which means businesses reach their full potential in productivity and profit.

Working with me gives you so much more than an analysis of where you’re failing in change and why. The Change Play™ Model delivers you the results you want, with a legacy of Change Players™ in place to ensure sustainable results that hold strong.

I very much look forward to connecting further with you and your team to explore where you are aiming to excel into the future.

Develop Your Best Team

Build your team in a way that not only gives them what they need but inspires them to make the changes needed to grow as your business grows too.