Dianne Hallam Executive Manager Events and Marketing

Di possesses an unbelievable ability to tap into what is really going on with you. At all times she is caring and positively supportive without being afraid of raising and addressing issues that an important part of personal and professional growth.

Gayle & Trevor Kee Directors TGs Childcare

You only need to spend 1 hour with Di to realise the absolute brilliance of what she has to offer your organisation to reach its fullest potential. She has such sound knowledge, experience, expertise and understanding of business operations and management, and she is now providing us with the necessary tools to be able to move forward and manage and operate our businesses successfully and profitably. Working with Di, we have made savings in excess of $200k in 12 months period and hitting major KPIs in staff turnover and salaries.

Dwone Jones and Jay Lynch 360 Fitness Group

Diane came in and opened us up to things we were not aware of in our business particularly around culture, systems and processes. Our business was already growing and we had a feeling that there were better ways to do things on a day to day basis…
2 years ago our swim school had 105 enrolments. It has grown to 700. Our Fitness centre went from 1300 members to over 6000. We now have a supplement company distributing to 28 pharmacies across Australia and are also building a restaurant…I would never have dreamed that two years ago we would have four companies…and we can run each of them efficiently, effectively and still have work-life balance, still have a relationship with my partner, still be able to travel…
Working with Diane gives us the ability to work on the strategic direction of our company as opposed to the operational side of the businesses.

Domonic Long Student and future leader

I have found Diane service very helpful. I must admit that I have never had an experience quite like the one I have had with Diane. She has not only helped to inspire me to redevelop the way that I view myself, but has also given me techniques to insure this changed perception over the long-term. Before working with Diane I was distressed and overwhelmed with my studies and elements of my personal life. Diane challenged me to take control over my circumstances and perceptions rather than waiting for others to change them for me. Diane has also helped me to activate my enate desire to strive for more and hold myself to a higher standard. She has also taught me how to accept myself for my flaws as well as my strengths. Without Diane Gray I would not be where I am today. I am truly grateful for Diane’s assistance and would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve themselves in any walk of life. Diane just gets the job done!

Darcy J Smyth Lead Trainer and Creator Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales

Working with a mentor like Diane really is one of those things you have to experience to believe. I knew before working with DI that it would help – that was a ‘no-brainer’ – but the extent to which my business grew after just 3 hours of precious time with Di has left me stunned. And not only that, the growth has been long-term. The ‘up-and-down’ of business is still there of course, but the overall growth and scope of the business has by far exceeded anywhere I could have gotten to on my own. If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether this type of help is for you, then do yourself a favour: stop second-guessing yourself and jump right in!